SignalATM is only a Marketplace for Signals where using the Signals is the sole discretion of the subscribed user.

SignalATM is not a Trading Platform nor does it offer any kind of Trading account to its users. SignalATM is neither a Trading exchange or claims to be any kind of Trading Platform. And therefore, SignalATM does not accept any kind of deposits from its customers for Trading purpose.

Users at SignalATM makes payment against a particular Subscription Plan for a period or towards purchase of Signal coins for accessing Signal Information. We would like to inform that we DO NOT allow refund request for any payment made after Subscribing to any plan or purchase of Signal coins with us.

However, there could be situations like failed transactions with the payment gateway on our website or app. In such cases, reversal will take place by your respective banks or credit card or any other payment channels. In case of any delay, you may follow up with the payment channels respective customer support.

We have No Cancellation Policy for any Plan already subscribed by the user. User is free not to subscribe to any plans in future and may stop using Signal Information any time at his will. SignalATM holds the right to inactive those users who deviate from the policy as appropriate time to time.