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Any Trading Signal from a Signal Provider must balance Profitability over different Time Horizons and must include

  1. Strategy

    FX Signal Provider must be passionate to keep working on a successful strategy with dynamic Market conditions

  2. Transparency

    Any changes over entry and exit positions is supported with prior research and reasons offering more visibility

  3. Reliability

    Signal related parameters are adjusted time to time with objective to minimizing losses and increased profitability for Traders

  4. Analysis

    Rigorous in-depth scanning, beyond fundamental and technical analysis that defines success pointers, constraints and limitations within specific timeframe

  5. Credible

    Signal Provider must reset higher benchmarks for success and consistency

A simple Signal Provider check list like the one below can help a Trader to keep a watch on the credibility of the provided Signal Information

Check list for selecting a Reliable Signal Provider
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  • TimeZone – Always check the timezone of the signal provider before you start checking the signals. You want your trading signals to trickle in while you are attentive and awake. They are of not much use otherwise.

  • Free Trial – Sign up for a free trial period to get the real feel of the signals and verify the quality of the service.

  • Compare – Keep checking the signals and compare across that matches your trading style. At the end, select set of Signal Providers collectively that matches your style, risk/reward expectations and success rate. This helps to develop your signal schema as your Trade Input.

  • Performance Track – Always, check and analyse the track record of your signal provider and signal success rate. Also check on the signal performance parameters like Total Signals Delivered and Average Gain Pips per signal for a particular script.

  • Analysis – Low-effort signal providers, such as those only giving you the entry price and the SL/TP, should be low priority. You should also know why the signal is supposed to work. The signal provider should provide his analysis /comments and also track the signal real-time to optimize the result.

  • Self-Check – Identify your personal trading style. Signals run on wide range of style on 5 min to hours to weeks. Some are consolidation or breakout. Some are short or long term. Choose signals that fits your trading needs. End Profit should always be the topmost priority with right level of risk.

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